Alpine Route[85]

Explore over 4 miles of demanding rural terrain at the Alpine Route in Millbrook. Crafted to simulate real-world challenges, this winding route presents tight turns and diverse gradients, encompassing every facet of UK rural driving.

Uncover insights into:

  • Vehicle responsiveness in braking, handling, and maneuverability across authentic countryside roads.
  • Engine and gearbox capabilities tested on gradients as steep as 26%.
  • Assessing the adaptability of different models to narrow rural pathways.
  • Evaluating driving aids like descent control for enhanced performance.
high speed

Experience motorway speeds without departing from Millbrook’s premises. Within its five-lane, two-mile bowl, explore the capabilities of the newest fleet models without venturing beyond the main exhibition area. Witness how vehicles ranging from compact city cars to sizable SUVs navigate high-speed conditions and scrutinize the latest technological advancements.

On the High-Speed Bowl, examine:

  • Leading manufacturers’ latest models operating at motorway speeds.
  • Vehicle stability, comfort levels, and road noise endurance at elevated velocities.
  • Lane-keep assist technology effectiveness.
  • Functionality of features like adaptive cruise control and other driving aids.